A positive distraction? Is there such a thing? The word distraction in itself implies that you should be doing something else - something important.

Not too long ago, yours truly was a College student. The College was close enough that I can live with my parents, enjoying the benefits of a family and a home.

And also free electricity. And with great power comes a great gaming opportunity.

Now, I'll be the first to say here that gaming has (almost) never distracted me from studying. So when my brother asked what's the difference between me playing games during the semester and him playing games during his semester, I was quick to respond:

"I didn't fail the exam because I played my games. I'm playing my games because I failed the exam."

Much lulz were had - at least until the report cards came up.

See, sometimes, things just go bad, you know? Sometimes, you did study to the best of your ability, and when the final exam came, you still screwed it up. Perhaps you forgot one very important detail. Perhaps the professor was actually sadistic.


That's the time I say...

And play I did. I had to re-take the course (and again, when I got Dengue-ized for half the term), but I didn't wallow in self-pity - I think. I played my game, as a much needed distraction for a job that I did the best I can, but still came up short.


Now, as my beloved and much-missed grand-uncle left us for a better place, I'm doing it all over again.

What about you guys? Any moments when you just up and said: "Screw it, I'm playing X." ?

And what were the effects on you, if any?